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Retaining walls

Understanding the foundational important on what retaining walls do, is extremely important. Using these structures, we are able to keep the soil leveled. This serves a dual purpose, as retaining walls also add plenty of aesthetic appeal. They also add further depth, in building garden walls for an added layer.

We can build retaining walls from plenty of different materials, that will suit your property, such as:

  • Timber
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Brick

There are plenty variations and types of the above materials, which we can show you in further detail. 

Decking ,pergolas and patios

Outdoor decking has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of your front or back yard. Whether you want to create a decking area for a barbeque, or a table area by the pool – we can work with any kind of style that you want. We use only the highest quality of decking materials, from locally sourced Aussie suppliers.

Ever wanted some extra shade, or a stunning feature? Pergolas are perfect for many different reasons. You can transform your backyard with these dramatically, to build some presence and decoration. Whether you want some extra shade, or an outdoor dining area, we can provide any kind of look that you want. 

indoor decking
pool board

Pool Landscaping

Always wanted to have a pool area that feels like a Bali resort? Our Ipswich Landscapers can design and build that perfect paradise for you and your guests, ensuring that they’ll never want to leave!

Creating the right environment that surrounds a pool is extremely vital in achieving that look and feel. We ensure that your pool area is 100% safe, by using non-slip surfaces and glass barriers with special locking systems.

We also can add some wall tiling to dress up the surrounding area, and ensure that your backyard looks and feels like a 5-star resort.

Paving, concreting and tiling

Ensuring that you have the right flooring surface is paramount for your front or back yard. Whether that be the tiles next to your pool, patio, or the footpath to your door – choosing the right surface is extremely important! 

We use a range of materials, such as bricks, tiles, rock and concrete to build your hard flooring surface. Some of our paving services include driveways, patios, cement, clay, brick and stone paving.

We can also conduct repair work on existing paving, as well as wet lay, or even just supply and install. We ensure that your paving surface is meticulously designed, cut to perfect quality for your property.

outdoor garden footpath

Lawn and turfing

We understand how important having the perfect lawn is for your property. Ensuring you have the perfect green turf is part of the foundational look to any household or building. That’s why we only source the highest quality turf to ensure that you have the perfect outdoor look to your garden. Our garden landscapers will ensure your lawn has that pristine look!

We also provide installation services for artificial turf, so that you have that all-year round look. So whether you choose to have natural or synthetic lawn, we supply and install your turf for you so that you can achieve that perfect look.

We provide landscaping services in the Ipswich region & across all surrounding suburbs.

Augustine Heights
Barellan Point
Basin Pocket
Bellbird Park
Carole Park


Collingwood Park
East Ipswich
Eastern Heights
Ebbw Vale
Flinders View


Sadliers Crossing
Springfield Central
Springfield Lakes
West Ipswich


Landscaping supplies

Our team at Landscaping Ipswich always ensure that we source our products from reliable and local suppliers. We pride ourselves on quality and satisfaction, and therefore all materials are sourced only from our trusted partners.

We also ensure all excess and old materials are recycled, as we ensure that we live up to our core value of sustainability. 

pot plant

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If you have any questions or require any type of landscaping design and construction services, call our team today. We service the entire Ipswich region and surrounding suburbs – so we’re here to help. From basic services, or a whole end-to-end project, our team of Ipswich Landscapers will evaluate your outdoor living space, and provide a unique and customised design that is catered solely for your property.

To find out more, feel free to give us a call and we can provide a free quote on any services you might require. Our goal is to simply serve our clients at the highest capacity and ensure the highest of customer satisfaction possible!

Landscaping Ipswich

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