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At Landscaping Ipswich, we can provide the perfect decking and pergola installation services. Our professional team has years of experience in perfecting their craft. We provide designs as well as installations for you.

We ensure you choose the perfect look and style for your decking and pergolas, to ensure that it fully complements your living space and property. 

Ipswich decking services

Outdoor decking allows that rustic feel to your front or backyard. Using timber is the most popular choice for your outdoor decking. With strong durability during any weather conditions, we ensure that we use the highest quality suited timber for decking. Our timber is locally sourced, from our Aussie suppliers.

We can build your deck in an efficient and affordable manner. Not only can we build your deck for an outdoor living space, or front porch, but also to surround your beautiful pool or to create an outdoor room.

We’ll ensure that your decking has the necessary protection from the Queensland sun, including UV protection combined with a nice finish. Not only that, but structural integrity is extremely important, so that your new deck will last a lifetime. 

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Ipswich Patio and Pergola Services

Living in Brisbane is all about outdoor living! Having a patio, gazebo or pergola is essential to ensure the outdoors. Ipswich Landscapers can create the perfect patio and pergola for your outdoor living space, from a wide variety of materials and finishes. Ensuring you have the perfect outdoor entertainment area, is important so that you can enjoy your space all year round.

Whether you want a pergola for some shade from the sun, next to your pool, or as an outdoor garden feature – we’ve got you covered. We’ll also ensure that we assess the entire space, and the enhancements a pergola can provide, what materials will suit you best and the appropriate roofing as well.

We can even include some lighting, to ensure your space is constantly well lit, and help you set up your barbeque, and an outdoor TV so that your family and friends can enjoy the space as much as possible. 

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