Landscaping theme ideas

Best Landscaping Themes and Styles

It’s one thing to have a lovely home infrastructure but it is also another interesting spice to add a beautifully-designed landscape into the mix. Whether you are preparing to build your forever home or planning to sell your property, having a scenic landscape will definitely put your property on the top of the list of best homes in the market.

A well thought of landscape is definitely one with an overall look or focus. With a theme, you will not only be leaving your future guests in awe but you will be enjoying the best of nature. A theme will add a personality to your garden and would be a good guide in picking out what hardscape infrastructure to add such as paths, patios, and maybe even a pool or pond too.

Before you get lost in your big search for a theme, here is a carefully crafted list of landscaping themes that will, hopefully, motivate you to finally do a long overdue backyard, or front yard, clean-up.

1. Meditteranean

This theme is inspired by the Italian and Spanish home infrastructures. Gray stone bricks exterior surrounded by lush green shrubs and bushes is the main definition of a meditteranean landscape themed home. Roman columns, fountains, and herbs in terra cotta pots are also popular in the meditteranean theme. Spotlights can be added on walls and the concrete brick walkways will look great in earthy beige colors. This theme really screams simplicity and elegance.

2. Tropical

Designing a tropical themed landscape would feel like having your favorite vacation destination in the comforts of your home. You can create a rainforest or jungle look by incorporating large and vibrant plants such as palm trees, alocasia, and bromedelias. Bamboos are a good addition to the backyard and will be an excellent hardscape element instead of using bricks and cement. To add a more vacation vibe to the garden, any type of water element, such as a pool or pond with a waterfall feature, would seal the deal.

3. European formal

European formal will always remain a classic. With its timeless design of walled courtyard garden for a touch of privacy, lush greenery, and stone patios, you can never go wrong with this theme. There are three categories you can choose from namely English, Italian, and French gardens. Well-maintained bushes that are either shaped or manicured is very popular in European formal gardens. A grotto can be added in the middle of a path for aesthetic purposes. A terrace can also be added for you to stay at whenever you wish to appreciate the beauty of your garden. Symmetry and order is also followed in this classical theme.

4. Japanese zen garden

Nothing says calm like a Japanese zen garden. Designed for meditation, the minimalism of a Japanese zen garden makes it very easy to maintain. Rocks are an important aspect of a Japanese zen garden as they can signify Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, and Metal elements. Sand, moss, and dry waterfalls are also great addition to a Japanese zen garden.

There are so many options available. Some are easy while others are complicated but, as long as it really is a theme you wish to achieve, all the preparations will be worth it. Happy landscaping!