vertical garden

Landscaping for small spaces

You’ve been planning to plant loads of different flowers and vegetables in your garden but there’s just not enough space. Despite knowing this, you still wish to find a way to make a small yard work. Fret not because you are in the right place. Here we have a list of six landscaping practices that many landscape architects follow to fully maximize a small area.

1. Plant vertically

Use your walls. Instead of planting on the ground, why not start planting from the ground up? Climbing vines and roses can be utilized by placing a mesh on the wall to be used as a guide for their growth. Pots can be placed vertically too, considering a sturdy support is built, and other plants can be hanged as well. Having vertically grown plants adds a different aesthetic to the garden and will be visually pleasing.

2. Terracing

One way to trick your audience is by terracing. Creating different levels of patios can make a small area seem larger. Each level will feel like separate gardens especially if one level consists of flowers and the other is of vegetables. Using this simple technique, your yard will look twice as large as it did.

3. Side yards

Most people focus on front and backyard spaces that they often forget about the side yards. With limited space, a side yard offers the same ground for you to grow plants on. Installing walkways in the area will make it a livable space and the addition of trees and greeneries, such as an herb garden, will definitely spice up the whole lot.

4. Sitting area

Create a place for you and your guests to sit in. You can have a bench set up or an old couch with enough seating space in a quiet corner where you can sit and drink coffee while enjoying the view. With the help of this focal point, you and your guests will be directed into focusing on the beauty of the garden instead of noticing the little space you have. Beautiful flowers can be added into the focal point to make the guests admire it in a closer distance.

5. Water garden

A small area intended for a water garden can be an interesting focal point too. However, if there is just not enough space for that, a simple fountain will do the trick. The calmness of water will, undoubtedly, add an appealing touch to the small garden.

6. Pick the right size

Should you wish to decide to put furniture as hardscapes for your outdoor garden, make sure that you pick small pieces that will fit just right into the area. Do not buy large dining tables and force it into the picture because it will only make the already small area look even smaller. Being mindful of the scales and sticking to it will help maximize the space.

Just because you have a small area doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive garden that can draw attention and catch eyes. Even a small space can look glamorous when properly planned. These simple and easy-to-follow techniques will serve as a guide for planning and designing your yard so you can make the most out of it.