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DIY Landscaping

Have you been planning to redecorate your garden for some time now? Are you thinking of updating the landscape architecture but you’re scared of breaking the bank? Although it seems like landscaping requires a huge budget, decorating your garden doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend so much cash. You can just do it yourself!

Do-It-Yourself activities have become a trend these days. Almost everything retail has a DIY equivalent on the internet. With this list, you can never run out of possible landscaping design ideas that you can follow should you wish to begin landscaping on your own.

1. Floral border

You can plant your favorite flowers in front of your home and use it as a border between your front yard and the road. This will be a magnificent addition to the aesthetics of your garden and can also serve as a partition of your property.

2. Stone path

Instead of walking on uncut grass, a stone walkway can be used to go from one place to another. It is a beautiful element that will express your style by means of whether you choose to use bricks, stones, or just pure cement for your path.

3. Treehouse

This will be a perfect addition to your backyard especially if there are kids in your home. This can serve as a play area for the kids and but can also be a fun hangout place for the kids at heart. Everyone loves a good treehouse!

4. Fire pit

Your backyard will become an instant crowd favorite once a fire pit is installed! Hosting parties will be easier as fire pits will surely add a whole other level of fun. Planning to invite guests? Go ahead! Just make sure you have loads of marshmallow in your pantry for the crowd to devour.

5. Pond

Having koi and other fishes in your garden will be another attraction to look out for. Kids and adult guests alike will enjoy feeding these aquatic creatures when they come over. The pond will add a calmer vibe to the garden.

6. Vines

If your backyard has a garden gate, climbing vines may be added at the top for a brighter country aesthetic. Climbing vines can also enhance the look of your wall exteriors and other columns in the area.

7. Alfresco

An alfresco can be an outdoor dining area, reading nook, or just a hangout place for your family and friends. Having an outdoor sitting area means having more space to entertain more guests.

8. Herb garden

Having your own supply of kitchen needs will definitely cut your grocery list short. They are very easy to make and can be managed in small areas.

9. Geometric garden

A geometric garden is an interesting element to a landscape. This is based on European formal themes and most European formal themed gardens can lead to a grotto or a fountain in the middle.

10. Secret garden

Plants can be used as walls to build a secret garden in your backyard to create a sense of privacy. This can be used as a retreat area where you can spend some time alone.

There is an abundant selection of landscaping ideas on the internet and this may complicate your DIY landscaping adventure. However, you just have to make sure that you are creating a landscape design that you will use all year round. Always remember that the backyard or front yard that works for you is the backyard or front yard that’s best for you.